Ports & Rivers

Port asset management

Start managing your asset the easy way with gisgro.

For successful asset management, information is the key to making good decisions. And because decision makers cannot be experts in every field, the information needs to be available, accurate and easy to digest.

The challenge is that most of the time, the information resides on different platforms. The architect has the drawings and maybe they are archived somewhere in paper format. The survey company has point clouds and in some drawer there is a flash drive containing the point cloud, but no one has managed to open it. The decision makers have never seen the damages the chief engineer is trying to address with the repair budget.

With GISGRO, an online platform for visualization, sharing, and utilization of 3D asset data, Deparentis collect and manage your information, or assist your IT department to implement the service.

This web application will allow you to archive, visualize, analyze and plan the maintenance operations of your assets throughout their lifetime.

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Port traffic control

Data in your hand, control at the finger tips.

In addition to the production of charts, we support a professional service for pilots and masters of ports and harbours: ePilotBook.

This web application is mainly designed for marine pilots. It allows him to have at any time the most recent environmental information as well as real-time data such as AIS, winds, water levels, and even the position of vehicles on land.

ePilotBook is also a tool for communicating with the captain to explain the manoeuvre, follow it and then debrief it, by visualising the “sea passage plans”, the position in relation to a theoretical sea route or by using the replay tool.

Deparentis can host the application server, or provide the hardware and assist your IT department to implement the service.

Operating from a smartphone or iPad Mini, ePilotBook is available anytime, anywhere. For more information: Go here.



Tailor-made monitoring, configurable on the fly.

Deparentis is the official distributor in West Africa for UltraMap solutions, offering a 24-hour web-based, live monitoring of the AIS (Automatic Information System) broadcast by ships with 300 or more gross tonnage.

In less than 48 hours, we can set up virtual surveillance, either of designated areas or identified vessels, in and outside port authorities.

Our system is complementary to the VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) in ports, but has the advantage that it operates only passively and does not require a transmitter or shore-based infrastructure. All parameters can be adjusted in real time, with a simple click through the web app interface.

The applications are numerous. For example, we can respond quickly and cost-effectively to problems such as tracking enforcement of the dumping zone during a dredging campaign, monitoring of no-go areas such as a worksite or marine nature reserve.

Virtual buoys

Aid to navigation to enhance safety at fair costs.

To complement or replace physical buoyage, with Vesper Marine “Guardian Mark” solutions, we offer the possibility of deploying virtual buoys using AIS emulation.

These marks are standardized navigational beacons that appear on the AIS screens of nearby vessels, and can show them a channel, warn of an isolated hazard or a no-go area. When a Virtual AIS Station is deployed and marking hazards such as reefs, wrecks and marine infrastructure such as offshore platforms or construction site, a ship’s existing onboard equipment may be able to alert crews that they are on a collision course with the hazard  or infrastructure well before they come in contact with it.

With our virtual buoy system, we offer AtoN solutions featuring secure remote access from anywhere, allowing easy, fast and more economical installation than deploying physical buoys. Virtual buoys are not affected by currents or vandalism, can be easily relocated, do not require maintenance and are free to deploy and recover.

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