Project Assistance

We are on the ground every day, constantly soliciting our partners to identify local opportunities in Africa, so our local and international network is valuable. Whether it’s resources, companies or specialized personnel, we necessarily have something in reserve.

Technical Consultancy

If you are a design office and you need assistance in defining the technical scope of your needs, or a budgetary approach to a project, do not hesitate to contact us. It’s free of charge.

Legal Investigations

Our maritime expertise is available to support legal investigations. By making its material resources and knowledge available to investigators for insurance or police officers, we are in a position to provide our expertise in the event of a dispute or disaster at sea, where the evidence is immersed and sometimes inaccessible.

Training & Seminars

From 2020 we will regularly organize training sessions in Senegal on various topics, such as survey procedures or hydrographic software. With reference institutional partners, we also plan to hold an annual seminar for hydrographic services of West African Ports and industry specialists.

We will soon publish the calendar of these activities.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mail list by contacting us at this address: