Cable Monitoring

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based service, monitoring protection zones around subsea and surface assets.

Are your offshore assets well protected ?

The damage caused by maritime activity to subsea and surface assets is a sensitive issue. Close to the coasts, we have to share the same space and cohabitation is sometimes difficult, between increasingly dense infrastructures and the passage of more and more ships.

If a boat drops anchor or a fishnet on your power cables, telecommunications cables such as fibre optics, oil or gas pipelines etc. the consequences are potentially catastrophic.

Not only the repair, but also the operating loss are very expensive. A downtime can easily reach weeks. Because, particularly in Africa, it is difficult to guarantee the availability of repair facilities. Finally, who pays? In more than 50% of cases, the author of the damage is not identified and escapes his responsibilities, leaving you alone to bear the financial consequences.

Signalling your networks on nautical charts, installing buoys or mechanically protecting your cables are passive solutions, which can give you a feeling of confidence in the face of risk.

But statistically, every day that passes brings you closer to an accident. Do you think your installations are safe? It’s never too late to implement active prevention strategies…

Control your environment, control the risks

With AssetMonitor®, we offer an automated surveillance system, a tireless watchman who monitors the maritime traffic in the area 24 hours a day and alerts you in case of danger. Our service uses information provided by vessels, which continuously transmit their identity and position via satellite with the Automatic Identification System (AIS).


In this way, we can monitor the traffic in and around the areas of your facilities. This is the principle of “geofencing”, the smart use of localisation data. We filter out and ignore vessels that do not pose a threat. But as soon as we observe any suspicious behaviour, anchoring or fishing action, AssetMonitor issues an alert. You, the harbour master’s office, a duty officer, or whoever you designate, will immediately receive an e-mail or text message for example.

A unique tool, various services

Naturally, all the data is recorded. This makes it possible to retrace the navigation history, identify the author, and if necessary, to present evidence to the insurance companies.

In addition to the surveillance of underwater installations, there are many other possible applications. For example, the monitoring of temporary no-go navigation zones, marine protected areas, borrow or dumping zones for dredging sites, etc…

AssetMonitor is a web application, accessible with an internet connection anytime and from anywhere. There is therefore no license or software to install, but a subscription to the service, per month or per year. We naturally provide technical support and training. But if you prefer to entrust us with the monitoring of your installations, Deparentis also offers tailor-made contracts.

Don’t count on luck. Be safe with AssetMonitor.

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