Oil & Gas

A leading industry to motivate and improve our performances

The oil and gas sector is characterised by high demands, which makes it a special customer for our hydrographic activities.

The first of these requirements is an extremely rigorous control of both equipment and procedures, which allows measurements to be validated with a satisfactory degree of certainty. The investment based on these data far exceeds the cost of the data itself.

The second is the respect of delays: our service takes place in a precise chronogram, and it is important that we respect our deadline commitments. From our studies may depend decisions and engagements of means that require anticipation. Our failure to meet this requirement may have consequences on a much larger scale in the organization and costs of the project.

The third imperative, and not the least, is the respect of Health, Safety and Environmental concerns in the conduct of assignments.

Whether you are dealing directly with a major oil company or for an engineering sub-contractor for a major project, it is essential to satisfy a management system and HSE audit before being invited to tender. And therefore, this cannot be improvised. Good will is not enough, HSE management definitively requires a corporate culture.

“No accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment”

At Deparentis we understand and encourage this approach, which is not a marketing stance but a mindset that must guide our everyday actions. In conclusion, the oil industry is a demanding model. But by promoting best practices, it makes us better for all our customers.

Deparentis is pleased to offer its services to the oil & gas sector in Africa, applying the highest standards in the industry while providing local content.