Web app

We offer solutions for two types of needs: for ports and for maritime safety and navigational aids. Deparentis is the official distributor of GISGRO®, GEOMOD®, ULTRA-MAP® and VESPER MARINE® brands for West Africa. Do not hesitate to contact us for an online demonstration.

Digital Strategy

From collection in the field by our hydrographers to digitization and delivery to the cloud, we control the data processing process from end to end.

Asset Management

An easy-to-use online platform for harbour authorities to visualize, share, and utilize 3d asset data. Anywhere, anytime.

Navigation and Port Cartography

A dedicated application to port services, which integrates all aspects of operational management and navigation safety, through cartography

Cable Monitoring

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based service, monitoring protection zones around subsea and surface assets.

Virtual Buoys

Control the safety of your maritime environment. With Vesper, deploy virtual aids to navigation with a fingertip.