“For 20 years, between Europe and Africa, I have undertaken your projects in a wide range of fields, particularly hydrography, measurement and positioning in ports, rivers and at sea. I feel very privileged to work in an exciting environment, which grows me every day through encounters and experiences.

With this blog, I modestly wish to share a few thoughts about our profession and, I hope, make a positive contribution to it.”

Raphaël Pacot Chairman of Deparentis

Control of dredging works: third party and impartiality

Whether it is a question of creating and maintaining shipping channels and ports, or carrying out beach nourishment operations, dredging companies are regularly called in by contractors. These companies charge for their services on the basis of the volumes that are dredged. Hence the importance of having these quantities checked by a service provider external […]

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Are all surveys the same? Between “job done” and the quest for quality

It’s a little depressing to admit it, but all our measurements are approximate and therefore wrong. We are doing our best, following the technology that puts increasingly accurate or, to put it another way, less and less imperfect instruments in our hands. Accepting that our work is necessarily imperfect is unsatisfactory to the intellect and […]

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Hydrographic services on the African continent: competence and national sovereignty

The African continent is made up of 54 countries, 38 of which have access to the sea. For these coastal countries, mastering hydrographic know-how is a strong marker of national independence…

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